The complete guide to Flail Mowing

If you’re looking for the perfect tool to cut through any stubborn growth, or coarse grass, the flail mower will be the most effective apparatus for the job. Before hiring any equipment you need to understand what it is that you’re hiring. This is why we have created a complete guide to flail mowing. 

What is a Flail Mower?

Flail mowers differ from regular mowers as they’re designed to cut and shred thicker vegetation. This includes all grass, weeds, brambles, shrubs, and cuttings that a regular mower would not be able to cut through. Some smaller models are self-powered, but many are PTO (power take-off) driven mechanisms, which easily attach to three-point hitches found at the rear of most tractors. 

Therefore, a flail mower cannot be defined as a gardening tool, but rather an agricultural one.

Why is it called a Flail Mower?

The flail mower receives its title from the use of its knives or “flails” that spin over the axle. There are staggered rows of “flails” to help achieve a continuous cut for reduced wear on the machine. The flails themselves are connected to the drum via hinges, which means they won’t break or bend if they hit a rock. Instead, the rock will bounce and continue cutting on the next pass. Even if they do get damaged, it is fairly simple and inexpensive to replace a single flail.

How does a Flail Mower cut?

The individual knives within a flail mower attachment are usually Y or T-shaped knives that rotate around the axle, clearing grassland as the shaft lays parallel over a surface.

Remember, you can only mow in a forward direction. If you wish to reverse or change direction, be sure to lift the mower and then place it back down when you are ready to continue, this will prevent damaging the equipment. 

How short can a Flail Mower cut?

With adjustable cutting heights, the flail mower allows you to cut from 2-8cm using centralised control.

How fast can you mow with a Flail Mower?

Always operate your flail mower at the tractor’s engine speed which supports 540 RPM PTO. Mower Blade Tip speed is especially critical in sustaining the ability of the flail mower to lift the material it is cutting.

Driving at too low of tractor PTO speed will overwhelm the mower and impact the power belts, causing them to slip and burn.

Can I mow my lawn with a Flail Mower?

Like a paddock-topper, it will cut long grass and woody matter, but it’s also suitable for short grass such as lawns, leaving a high-quality finish if employed consistently. 

What is the advantage of a Flail Mower?

The key advantages of a flail mower are its design and ability to slice through thicker vegetation. Their design makes them the perfect choice for dealing with bramble bushes or debris that may cause harm, as it reduces the risk of injury from flying debris. Another excellent example of why flail mowers are more advanced is that they can be angled to cut banks as well as for trim bushes and shrubbery. 

What is the difference between a Flail Mower and a Rotary Mower?

A rotary mower like a flail mower is good at clearing grass, brush, dense vegetation, and saplings. However, they aren’t as safe. Rotary mowers will crunch and chuck debris out of their blades, unlike the flail mowers which are able to reduce this risk.

Rotary mowers are able to move faster, compared to flail mowers, as they are lighter to manoeuvre. Yet they aren’t able to carry out the same results, with flail mowers being able to cut your grass and leave it looking tidier while also spreading the mulch back over the area and filling the soil with much-needed nutrients. Another advantage that the rotary mower doesn’t have. 

What is the difference between a Flail Mower and a Mulcher?

A mulcher is used to clear areas that have good-sized trees or stumps. They help turn small garden clean-up into mulch to repurpose around your yard. Whereas a flail mower cuts any undergrowth and unwanted greenery safely and effectively while also spreading the mulch evenly on your grounds.

What is the difference between a flail mower and a Brush hog mower?

Many think that the two are interchangeable- however, they couldn’t be more wrong as each has its strengths and weaknesses.

Brush hogs tend to be a better choice for large overgrown grassy fields as they can handle such conditions with greater speed, though lower quality. However, flail mowers are a better choice for areas of overgrown brush and vines. Additionally, the flail mower will give a better-quality cut and disperse the clippings more evenly. 

It is important to understand the duties of both tools before hiring one, to ensure that you receive the best results. 

Flail Mower Hire.

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