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Do you need professional brick cleaning?

If your exterior brick walls are beginning to look dull and stained, maybe it’s time to call a professional brick cleaning company to have your exteriors looking flawless once again.

By regularly maintaining your exterior brickwork, you are investing in your business and image.

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Brickwork and Masonry cleaning

What is brick cleaning?

Brick cleaning is the simple process of cleaning the outer brick façade of a building. With many companies opting for a softer washing approach to protect the brickwork, alternative methods may be needed.

For the best results be sure to call a brick cleaning professional who is expertly skilled.

How is Brick Cleaning done?

Getting those walls looking their best depends highly on the type of surface that needs to be cleaned.

The methods used all depend on the type of brick and what it is that is being removed from it.

Types of cleaning methods include gentle soft washing to more abrasive cleaning methods involving chemicals. These methods will almost always start with a bucket and wire brush which are used to saturate the area with water before applying a cleaning solution, this is called a pre-wet.

Then depending on the brickwork using a low-pressure cleaner, water alone is used to remove the dirt. This is highly effective at removing dirt and stains leaving a clean brick surface without the need for any added cleaning agents.

For heavily soiled brick walls, and pathways, chemicals may be added to remove things like mortar stains and removing mold and mildew.

If you would rather avoid chemicals or are in an area where you simply cannot use them, steam cleaning is a great chemical-free alternative that has proved to be highly effective. The steam from the cleaner gets into the tiny pores of the bricks and force dust, dirt, and moisture out. This is particularly good for red brick walls.

More specialist cleaning methods are Blast cleaning and Doff cleaning.

Blast cleaning shifts debris and dirt using air pressure.

Doff cleaning is used for restoring more sensitive stone and masonry. This gentle cleaning method means you avoid damaging older stonework if this is something you need to consider.

Why should you clean your brick walls and masonry?

Would you want to go to a building that is stained and covered in dirt?

Aesthetics are vital to any company. It’s said that 73% of people judge a building based on its external image. Having stained, dirty walls is not going to attract customers or clients to your business. It may seem an arduous task but by using a commercial cleaning company for brick cleaning you could be instantly improving your business.

Safety – Extending your brick cleaning to your pathways removes algae and dirt which can be slippery, the last thing you want is a client slipping on your dirty pathways.

cleaning pathways for safety with a pressure washer

In contrast, your building may have recently been victim to graffiti.

It is worth noting that brick cleaning can also help identify any issues in the facade of your building, including loose bricks and mortar which can often be covered by algae on the brick surface.

By Investing in brick cleaning you are consequently providing preventative maintenance to any further damage.

Providing a better work environment

If your building is appealing, it attracts not only clients but also your employees who want a building to be proud of when asked where they work.

Studies show that productivity is affected by the environment. Creating a clean and healthy workspace helps you can get the best out of your employees.

happy employee with thumbs up, happy about working in a clean environment

Prices for Brick wall cleaning. 

Prices vary depending on the size of the project, the materials of the exterior brick walls and the machinery involved.

Fox Facilities Management are more than happy to give you a no-obligation quote and are happy to help get your brick walls looking pristine.

Get in touch and book your quote today.

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