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Graffiti Removal

To some it is a work of art, to others, it is an offensive eyesore!

graffiti can blurred in front of graffiti on a brick wall

So what is graffiti?

Graffiti is writing or drawings scribbled, scratched, or sprayed illicitly on a surface in a public place. The term was originally a reference to ancient inscriptions which can be observed on cave walls or in the Catacombs of Rome. More recently, however, it has become more synonymous with vandalism and crime.

The invention of aerosol spray paint in 1949 made spray cans the affordable, transportable medium of choice for modern graffiti.

example of graffiti

Why do people Graffiti it?

Being an illegal activity, the thrill of leaving your mark on the world is a rush that many artists enjoy. Graffiti artists aim to be seen without being caught to spread important images.

Most governments view graffiti as detrimental and have outlawed the practice. As a result, this can lead to many being removed or painted over to erase them. Often, this is because they can be viewed as political. With graffiti used to mark territories and is well-established in gang culture, it can be beneficial to remove graffiti that may incite violence or cause disruptive behaviour.  

Is it safe to paint over Graffiti?

Not really…

Not only can it look unappealing, but it is also harmful to the environment. In a world where everything we do must be ecologically safe, graffiti cannot be one of those things. Paint produces volatile organic compounds. These are the precursors of the ozone that turns the air yellow and thick. As a result, painting over large amounts of graffiti is damaging the environment further. Therefore, the best method for graffiti removal is through the power of a pressure washer. This prevents the need for high volumes of chemicals to strip the paint. Furthermore, it is incredibly expensive to have graffiti removed. The estimated cost of graffiti to the country is over £1 billion a year.

Fox Facilities management cleaning graffiti

Why use Fox – Facilities Management for your brickwork and graffiti cleaning

If your company’s property has been targeted by graffiti artists and you’re looking for an efficient solution to remove it, then look no further.

The machinery we use can clean virtually any surface including brickwork or concrete. We can even clean sensitive surfaces with our specialist DOFF cleaning system. With an experienced and friendly team and competitive prices, Fox-FM is the ideal partner to maintain your premises.

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