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The problem of chewing gum in public areas

The presence of chewing gum in public places isn’t just an eyesore it can cause damage too! This sticky mess can be manually removed with ice and elbow grease, but if it’s on a large scale this isn’t always ideal. A professional chewing gum removal company can quickly remove the unsightly mess providing a clean area once again.

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Professionally removing chewing gum from public spaces.

A professional chewing gum removal company will remove gum quickly and effectively by using a combination of high and low-pressure steam cleaning.

Gum is softened with the steam then scraped away using specialised tools, it is then either removed or cleared off and the area underneath is cleaned.

Areas a chewing gum removal company can work on:

Carpark chewing gum removal

For areas like car parks, gum removal needs can be quite extensive. Parking spaces can get severely damaged by chewing gum which can cause damage to the tarmac if not removed correctly.

Removing chewing gum from parks

Removing gum in parks and play areas are important for health reasons. Chewing gum litter in parks can become stuck to children’s clothes and shoes, which they then take into the home.

Not to mention the bacteria that can be carried from mouth to gum, to the floor. The last thing you want is little hands touching this sticky debris and touching their own mouths.

Removing chewing gum inside buildings

It is important to remove chewing gum from flooring in office areas. Whilst we would hope employees aren’t dropping gum intentionally, accidents happen and gum stuck to floors can damage footwear, create a slip hazard and damage carpets.

Removing gum from inside shopping centres

Shopping centres are visited by thousands of people every day; this includes children. It’s important to remove chewing gum from shopping centre floors as soon as possible, otherwise, it can cause damage to the flooring. If extensive it can make the centre look dirty which in turn leads to fewer shoppers.

Removing gum from pavements

This problem does not just affect private areas, but also the streets. Gum discarding is often worse in city centres where there are high amounts of people walking around.

If the local council doesn’t have a management plan in place, then business owners may opt to have the pavement directly outside of their shops cleared by a chewing gum removal company.

pathways showing a before and after chewing gum removal service

If you have a chewing gum problem get in touch with the team at Fox Facilities Management today. Our specialist machinery means we can remove large areas in no time and with minimal disruption to your business or the public, for a free quote get in touch below.

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