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What is Dry Ice Cleaning

Dry ice cleaning , AKA Dry ice blasting is an effective, hygienic, non-destructive deeply intense cleaning method.

It can remove multiple things such as rust and paint but its most common and likely usage is in and around industrial, commercial appliances, and surfaces. 

Dry ice is extremely cold at around -70°C meaning it can instantly kill bacteria like Salmonella, E-Coli, Listeria, Covid-19, and many more. 


What Perks / Benefits do you get from using Dry Ice Cleaning?

  • Low downtime = Increased performance / Production
  • Waste disposal costs reduced
  • Friendly and safe for the environment
  • No damage to surfaces, objects, structures
  • Reduces bacteria growth

What are the cons of Dry Ice Cleaning and does it make it worth the pros?

In the modern world, everything has pros and cons. The cons for Dry Ice Cleaning are:

  • Reputable distributors are hard to find
  • Storage of dry ice yourself requires dedicated freezers, this is because temperatures need to maintain around -78°C
  • Safety management needs to be considered as Dry ice can cause burns if handled incorrectly. 

All of these issues can be solved by using the services of a reputable Dry ice blasting company.

What should I expect to pay for Dry Ice Cleaning / Blasting? Am I being overcharged?

For example, an average cost of Ice blasting for a standard office space would be between £500 – £600 depending on who does it for you. Although it would only cost that much if you hired somebody to do it for you. If you could do it yourself it would cost around up to £1000 but you will need to consider purchasing machinery and storing the ice. Overall it can be cheaper to leave it to a professional cleaning company. 

Is Dry Ice Dangerous?

Interestingly Dry ice is incredibly dangerous compared to “normal” ice.

You can accumulate dangerous amounts of Carbon Dioxide in enclosed spaces like offices, and kitchens. This means that ventilated spaces are required as well as well-trained operators. As mentioned before Dry ice burning can lead to painful burns if not handled correctly. 

Is Dry Ice cleaning better than sandblasting?

Dry ice blasting unlike sandblasting doesn’t cause any secondary waste as it evaporates. Whereas sandblasting creates an awful amount of secondary mess which will cause delays and works out more expensive due to disposal of waste.

How expensive are Dry Ice machines?

Most companies will only sell to Professionals and Registered companies that specialise in Dry Ice cleaning as the machines are very dangerous. However, if we have a browse online second-hand the machine sells between £1,500 up to £20,000.

How noisy is Dry Ice blasting?

Dry ice blasting can get up to 150dbs which is as loud as a jet taking off from 25 meters away so ear protection must be worn to prevent eardrums rupturing and other hearing complications, e.g. Tinnitus ( a constant ringing in your ear)  

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