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7 ways to keep your commercial exteriors looking great.

All exteriors are exposed to the elements, and in our predictable climes, they are hit by wind and rain on average 133 days a year! It’s therefore important to clean them regularly so that they can retain their original look.

It’s also important for this task to be given to a professional facilities management service since it involves using strong chemicals and machinery.

Commercial exteriors should be well-taken care of in order for them to look fresh and new at all times.

Here are a few ways to keep your commercial exteriors looking their best:

1. Fight against graffiti

One of the main reasons why people may want to graffiti a wall is for them to display their name or tag. One of the ways to prevent this would be to have fencing installed, if that isn’t an option you can arrange for graffiti to be removed by a specialist brick cleaning company.

2. Keep windows gleaming

To avoid having windows that look dirty and grimy, hire a window cleaning service.

This sort of service should be arranged to come in every fortnight or so, depending on things like pollution levels and weather.

Tall building? A commercial window cleaning company will use water-fed poles to reach the top of the building to remove dirt from windows without the need for costly scaffolding.

3. Keep external woodwork clean

Wood is very sensitive when it comes to being exposed to the elements. A build-up of moss or algae can cause lasting damage and doesn’t look very nice either.

A low pressure clean will keep woodwork safe as well as looking excellent.

4. Keep exterior paintwork in pristine condition

A building could look old and weathered if the paintwork looks shabby or faded. If you run a business that attracts customers then it’s important to look clean and fresh. A new paint job every few years will go a long way to keeping your exterior looking its best. Equally a professional brickwork clean will look great too.

Fox Facilities management cleaning graffiti

5. Remove chewing gum from pavements

If somebody spits chewing gum on the pavement then it can harden very quickly, and what’s more it can cause an eyesore.

Specialised machinery can be used for chewing gum removal in high traffic areas such as car parks and play areas.

6. Professional Landscaping

Landscaping companies offer professional services that help to keep commercial exteriors looking great. These include installing outdoor lighting, putting in water features and shrubbery.

7. Maintaining grounds

Grounds maintenance is also important to keep the exterior looking great. First, check that trees and shrubs aren’t out of place or covering windows and doors. Next, do a quick sweep to remove litter and clear overgrown grasses and weeds from pavements. Finally, arrange for rubbish bins to be emptied regularly so they don’t cause unwanted smells or rodents. A grounds maintenance company will do all of this for you so depending on the size of your building it may be worth investing in some expertise.

Grounds maintance worker performing grass cutting/ mowing

Not only will all of this keep the building looking clean and fresh, it also helps to protect the exterior from long term damage and may even increase the property value as well.

It’s not recommended to do this kind of task on your own since you may not be able to apply chemicals properly. There are many service providers that provide exterior cleaning services for commercial facilities. They have the necessary equipment and expertise so they can carry out this task effectively.

If these ideas sound like they could work for your company, please get in touch, our team will be happy to discuss the options available.

For more information about how we can make an impact on your property and grounds maintenance needs, give us a call or send us an email today!

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