Chewing Gum Removal Kent

Do you have a chewing gum problem that needs to be resolved? 

Safe and effective removal of chewing gum from public and private areas in Kent.

Expert chewing gum removal service for commercial exteriors in Kent.

Chewing gum that has been discarded in public and private spaces is one of the greatest cleaning challenges around! It might be a great way to maintain oral hygiene but once that piece of gum reaches the floor it sets like a rock. This can make your premises look dirty and uncared for.

Thankfully the team at Fox-Fm are well equipped to remove gum from all surfaces. Using a specialist steam machine that combines heat, pressure and cleaning solution to make short work of stubborn gum. Environmentally friendly, fast, effective and completely silent. You won’t even know our operatives are there. Contact us today for a competitive quote.

Fox-Fm can remove chewing gum from all surfaces including:

chewing gum removal kent

Fast Chewing gum removal

We can quickly and effectively remove chewing gum, ensuring minimal disruption to your carpark, pavements and outdoor communal areas. Our technicians are familiar with gum removal on all types of surfaces including, concrete, tarmac and brickwork for those that have a gum problem on walls and ledges. Deep cleaning available following gum removal, which helps to avoid “cleanspots” and has your site looking good as new. 

Environmentally Friendly

Remove gum from any environment

Specialist machines for chewing gum removal

Many years experience

Rely on us to effectively remove chewing gum from your Kent premises.

Chewing gum removal process

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Chewing Gum Removal FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

It really depends on the project and exactly what is being cleaned. Please contact us for a no-obligation quote.

Improper gum removal on tarmac can cause unsightly damage. Due to the temperature of steam cleaners a specialist approach is needed when dealing with gum on tarmac. Our team are experienced in chewing gum removal from tarmac resulting in a surface is left clean and in great condition.

The technique we use depends on the individual property and condition. We may use

  • Hot and cold-water pressure washing
  • Chemical cleaning
  • Steam cleaning
  • Blast cleaning

Our main hub is in folkestone, Kent but we cover the whole of Kent, esses and surrey for gum removal



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