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What’s included in grounds maintenance?

Grounds maintance worker performing grass cutting/ mowing

By creating an inviting outdoor space to reflect your business on the inside, your customers, clients, and employees will benefit greatly.

Grounds maintenance is often be overlooked by many businesses.

Here are 3 reasons why grounds maintenance is important:

  1. It ensures an outdoor environment that can be utilised by your potential customers and employees
  2. Can increase or maintain your property value
  3. Keeps your exteriors well managed and inviting.

What are the different types of grounds maintenance services?

Grounds maintenance services are completely flexible depending on your requirements and often tailored seasonally as well. Let’s break down the different types of services commercial premises and property owners could expect from a professional grounds maintenance company.

Lawn Care

a man driving a lwn mower, lawn care from fox-fm

Grass cutting is probably the most important lawn maintenance task there is! A regular mowing regime will keep your lawn robust and your outdoor spaces healthy and beautiful.

Your grounds maintenance company will liaise with you, creating a schedule that means lawns or playing fields and other green spaces are kept looking great all year around.

There is a health aspect too. If any of your employees have hayfever this is a great way to keep grass pollen at bay.

Weed Control

Keeping your premises weed-free, your grounds maintenance company will be experienced pesticide handlers familiar with all types of weeds.

An Invasive Plant Management service is imperative if you have problems with quick spreading weeds like Bamboo and done correctly will irradicate the invasive plant species.

Grass and weed control is dealt with by the application of chemicals to the lawn which helps kill off weeds and grasses without harming your lawn, keeping it healthy and thriving.

This keeps the area safe for humans and wildlife

Tree Management

Tree Surgeon working at hiieght


Planting may be required to stabilize soil or for decoration.

Tree planting will be done by an experienced gardener to ensure tree health and optimal growth.


Necessary when a tree becomes diseased, is dying or poses a safety hazard.

Pruning and Surgery

Pruning and surgery are done to improve the health of a tree by removing dead branches and removing diseased wood. This reduces the risk of part of a branch falling which is very dangerous as it can cause significant damage to property or even injure people. This is planned to avoid disruption to nesting birds and ensure any overhanging branches are removed if needed.

See our blog about when to hard cut hedges for more information about nesting birds.

Hedge Cutting

hedge shaping by fox-fm

Maintenance of hedges including, trimming, pruning and laying is a regular task in different types of ground maintenance services.

Maintaining and trimming hedges helps you create a neat border to your premises and can include specialist shaping if required.


Well maintained fencing is not only a matter of security but safety too, grounds maintenance companies can install and maintain all types of fencing from security fencing to ornamental woodwork.


Landscaping for an office block

Including care for plants, shrub beds, weeding and overall garden care, as well as:

  • Landscape design
  • Shrub beds planted with in-season plants to keep your outdoor space looking good all year round.
  • Lawns and plants are fed to stimulate growth if required and Weeding is managed
What else could be included?
  • gutter clearance
  • gardening and pest control
  • Pond maintenance
  • Removing snow and grit application
  • cleansing of open spaces (litter picking, recycling, etc.)
  • maintenance of hard surfaces (like play areas and tennis courts)

Sectors covered by grounds maintenance

  • Schools and educational outdoor areas
  • Exteriors of shopping centres
  • Healthcare exteriors
  • Indoor gardens
  • Golf courses and playing fields
  • Offices green spaces

Why is grounds maintenance important?

  • First impressions count!
  • The management of plants can be tricky business, especially if the grounds are prone to invasive weeds, like Japanese knotweed or bamboo. It is important that you call a specialist grounds maintenance company like Fox-Fm to take care of these needs.
  • You increase the of your grounds, by maintaining trees, pathways and fences you can avoid slipping and impact accidents.

Why choose Fox-Fm for your grounds maintenance needs?

We know that every business has different needs and requirements.

If you require Public & private sector grounds maintenance or garden maintenance, then a contract with Fox Facilities management means you receive:

  • Knowledgeable team
  • experienced pesticide handlers familiar with all types of weeds.
  • fully trained and insured Grounds maintenance workers.
  • A cost effective plan tailored to your requirements.
  • Fully Licensed to remove all green waste safely from your premises.

For more information or to arrange a visit and no-obligation quote contact us below.

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