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What is K-rend?

When thinking about refurbishing the outside of your property, you may consider standard render, yet K-rend might be a better fit for you. Becoming more popular in recent years, K-rend provides a smooth and sophisticated finish to any property exterior. With an incredible variety of colours, there is something for everyone. But what is it?

K-rend is in fact a brand name, under the Kilwaughter business. Their render product is a coloured render that is applied to the exterior walls of your house instead of the usual cement paint or bricks. It is incredibly low maintenance unlike other types of render that you may need to paint over. It is available in a wide range of shades with over 500 options that vary from neutrals to soft pastels that will revitalise your walls.


What can you apply K-rend to?

Technically K-rend should strictly be applied directly to a masonry wall including brick, block, or an existing rendered surface. You can apply K-Rend to all masonry if you use the correct specification. In some instances, you will need to use a k-rend base coat before applying K-rend to your exteriors, such as when working on cement boards.

Does it need painting over?

One of the best qualities of K-rend is that the colour pigment is within the render. This means that you don’t have to paint it, saving you time and money. With such a large variety of colour options, you don’t have to go for the obvious white or off-white shades but can instead opt for a more colourful exterior. However, if you would still prefer to choose your own colour that isn’t available, you can choose a white shade and then paint over it.

Is K-rend hard to clean?

Cleaning K-rend is straightforward. You should treat it every 12 months with algaecide, then wash the mixture off with soft pressure. Try to avoid anything too harsh, it simply needs a gentle wash down to freshen up the appearance. With K-rend, there is no need for scrubbing and, actually, to avoid damaging the surface it’s worth arranging for an exterior cleaning company to do this job for you.

Is K-rend waterproof?

K-Rend provides a high degree of anti-weathering protection thanks to its innovative silicone texture and high-tech materials. This means that it is additionally rain-resistant and that it also allows a breathable finish for the exterior wall underneath. 

What are the benefits of using K-rend?

The main benefit of K-rend is how long-wearing and undemanding it is. K-rend is designed to last for decades, rather than having to repaint your house every couple of years. Unlike sand and cement, K-rend is less likely to crack due to its silicone base, meaning that your exterior can look appealing for longer. It very rarely pays off to spend more money to experience high-quality products, but with K-rend, you can be sure that you are buying a product that will get you your money’s worth.

The amazing benefits make K-rend a standout choice for property owners looking to upgrade their exteriors. If you already have a rendered property that needs cleaning, contact Fox Exterior Cleaning today for a professional and friendly service.

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