Removing rust with render cleaning

Removing rust from render.

Removing rust with render cleaning

If you own or manage a commercial building, it’s important to keep the exterior clean and free of dirt and stains. Not only does this help maintain the building’s appearance, but it can also protect against damage and deterioration. One type of stain that can be particularly difficult to remove is rust. Rust stains on your render can be unsightly and may even reduce the value of your property. But with the right cleaning methods, you can make rust stains a thing of the past. Before we explain how we remove rust stains from commercial exteriors let’s delve into what causes this unsightly mess.

What is Rust?

Rust is a type of stain that can be difficult to remove from surfaces and is recognisable by its ready brown hue. It’s caused by the corrosion of iron-containing compounds, and usually takes years to form. Stains can appear when an iron-containing metal is regularly exposed to oxygen and water.

What causes rust stains on render?

One common cause of rust stains on commercial exteriors is metal ventilation grates. When these grates rust, the reddish flakes of oxidation appear on the render below. This is the same for any metal underneath the surface of the render, such as iron bars. If the metal is exposed to damp or wet conditions, it will gradually start to corrode and rust.

Other causes of rust on render can include;

Damp – If there is a lot of moisture in the air, this can cause condensation, which is likely to lead to staining.

Pollution – Areas that are prone to high levels of pollution, such as near a busy road, are more likely to develop rust stains, harmful chemicals in the air can speed up the corrosion process.

Wet conditions – If the render is constantly exposed to damp or wet conditions, this can also cause rust to form.

What are the effects of rust stains on render?

Rust stains on render will generally not cause any major complications to a property’s structural integrity. This doesn’t mean there is no impact at all, rust stains are ugly and can give your building an old, damaged appearance.

If you have clients visiting this doesn’t give a very good impression of your company and may even lose you business.

How to Remove Rust from Render

pressure cleaning rust on render

You will find all sorts of weird and wonderful ways to remove rust from render online, very few will actually work!

Some suggestions we found are:

  • Painting over the rust – Eventually, the rust stain will penetrate the paint.
  • Using a chemical gel to remove a stain – This can cause its own staining so can defeat the object.

You could try the above methods but they will be time-consuming, expensive and may cause more damage to your render. The best way to remove rust and other stains from render is with a specialist exterior cleaning company who have the correct equipment and experience to clean render safely.

Here at Fox Facilities Management, we have a team of highly trained, experienced cleaners who can safely and effectively remove rust stains from your commercial exterior. We use the latest pressure washing technology and rust removal products to clean render without causing any damage.

If you would like a free quote for our render cleaning services, please contact us today.

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